One Young World Oceania: Updates #4

by oneyoungworldoceania

Alii, Halo Oloketa, Yokwe, Kaselehlie maingko, Ko na mauri Mauri, Ni Sa Bula Vinaka, Malo ‘e lelei, Ia Orana, Aloha, Kia Ora, Yandanji, Kia Ora, Talofa Lava and warm Oceanic Greetings

Many of you will be aware that plans for the One Young World Summit in Ottawa- Canada are well underway and the programme is shaping up rather nicely. Earlier, OYW Headquarters confirmed Iconic singer and Oscar Winning Actress Cher as a OYW Counselor. A long time LGBTI rights activist, Cher will share her wonderful insights, experiences and knowledge with OYW Youth activists passionate about promoting the rights and interests of target equity groups the world over. I for one am certainly looking forward to the discussions and sharing due to take place at this years Summit.

Meanwhile, on this side of the world, OYW Ambassadors in Oceania have been incredibly busy advocating, provoking thought, promoting and representing the voices, interests of youth within their particular parts of our great region. It would be impossible to capture absolutely everything our wonderful ambassadors do, but we hope that these small snippets give some insight into the fantastic and diverse youth focused and youth devoted work taking place right across the Pacific.

Ambassadors in Action:

Stephanie Jano Edward

OYW Ambassador for the Federated States of Micronesia


OYW Ambassador for the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) Stephanie Jano Edward at the One Young World Summit in Bangkok, Thailand 2015.

Stephanie works full time with the State Government and has worked mainly in disseminating information to youth about initiatives and opportunities available to them. Stephanie is a Supervisor to a very active youth group: ‘Youth 4 change’  who receive training to implement community awareness programmes on adolescent health issues. Alcohol abuse has been the major focus of this years efforts. You can check out a video of Youth 4 Change performing During the 205 Substance Abuse Basketball Champion Ship Games in Pohnpei.

Earlier this year, one of FSM’s historical landmarks – the ancient ruins of Nan Madol was named a World Heritage Site at the World Heritage Summit held in Istanbul, Turkey this year. Stephanie and others teamed up with UNESCO and PREL to conduct a week long storytelling training for youth. United Youth Media, another group Stephanie is associated with were present and collated stories for this training which can be found here. Of particular note is the contribution of youth to this process, having had no previous experience which highlights the depth of talent and inspiration that can be drawn from our young people when we create enabling and empowering opportunities and spaces. Kalahngan Stephanie and thank you for your wonderful work.

Micheal Chin and Timothy Danusa

OYW Ambassadors for Australia – WESTPAC

Earlier last month, Michael and Timothy hosted informal networking drinks for 2016 OYW Delegates and Ambassadors from Westpac Australia. The invitation was also extended to other OYW Ambassadors in Australia. The successful event proved an opportunity for the all important network building and sharing of ideas. This is a fantastic initiative which enables the conversations that took place at summit to continue. It also acts as a social orientation for new delegates to meet and network with our currently established ambassadors. Micheal and Tim will be planning future events for our Australian based ambassadors.

Andrew Ponton

OYW Ambassador for Tuvalu

mangrove planting1 (1)

Andrew Ponton (3rd from Right) OWY Ambassador for Tuvalu featured with fellow Mangrove Tree planters and the OWY Ambassador for Kiribati Rae Bainteiti (Far left) 2016

Our Tuvaluan Ambassador recently spent 2 months in Kiribati to start up partner distribution businesses. Whilst in Kiribati, Andrew participated in Mangrove planting and stood in solidarity with a Climate Action Event organised in Betio. The event called for the fossil fuel extraction as Kiribati and Tuvalu cannot afford a global temperature increase of more than 1.5 degrees Celsius. Andrew also recently began a youth organisation called ‘Food 21’ focused on strengthening food security in Tuvalu and has made ties with Climates, an Australian NGO that assists Pacific Islands NGO’s with access to Climate Change Funds. It is still early days for ‘Food 21’. Fakafetai Andrew.

Sameer Chand

OYW Ambassador for Fiji


OYW Ambassador for the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) Stephanie Jano Edward at the One Young World Summit in Bangkok, Thailand 2015.

In the lead up to the One Young World Sustainable Finance Expert Event in the Cayman Islands in November 2016 of this year, our OYW Ambassador for Fiji Sameer Chand has been incredibly busy briefing and working with a range of organisations and Pacific Islands Countries (PICs) around the area of governance. In this blog piece, Sameer considers the arguments for ‘network governance’ as opposed to hierarchical governance’ stressing that good governance in the area of financial inclusion depends on a number of key  factors. He highlights exploring the case study of the Pacific Islands Regional Initiative (PIRI) – the Alliance for Financial Inclusion model as an example of factors which must be closely examine in the context of financial inclusion. You can check out his blog piece here.

Coordinating Ambassador Updates

Tim Baice

OYW Coordinating Ambassador for Oceania/ OYW Ambassador for Samoa


OYW Ambassador for Kiribati Rae Bainteiti and OYW Coordinating Ambassador Oceania/ Samoa Tim Baice at the Pacific CSO NZ Fono 2016 .


  • I helped support a fellow youth advocate and leader in her bid to participate in her first World Challenge Programme. The WCP gives young people the opportunity to engage in social and community development projects within developing countries. Yvette is travelling to Borneo. We held a successful quiz night in early June. You can check out what else has been going on here.
  • I was recently appointed to the Commonwealth Youth Council Special Interests Groups as a representative for LGBTI youth. You can find out more about my appointment here.
  • I was pleased to meet with Triona Maddick via skype to talk about ways in which Pacific ambassadors can greater connect with Oceania ambassadors in Australia. Triona is the Chair of the Australian National Young Leader Organising Committee (NYLOC) which supports and ensures strong delegate representation from Australia. Triona and I are both working on opportunities for Ambassadors in Australia and New Zealand to meet and network prior to the OYW Summit 2016.
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Pacific Delegates at the Pacific CSO NZ Fono 2016


  • Pacific Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) NZ Fono: I was delighted to attend this Fono along with Rae and a strong delegation of Pacific youth to ensure our voices were present. This was an opportunity for Pacific CSO’s in NZ to contribute to ongoing discussions and the current reviews on the revised blueprint for Pacific Regionalism. We were able to commit the Pacific Islands Association of Non Governmental Organisations (PIANGO) to working with Pacific peoples in NZ to ensure we are a part of this critical discussion.
  • I spent much of July on leave, taking much needed family time at home in Samoa 🙂


  • Samoa Business Network (SBN): I recently stood down from my position as Secretary for the Samoa Business Network at it’s AGM in early August. I have been a part of the organisation since it’s inception in 2013. I leave my current role as Secretary to pursue a strategic role in working with youth from the Samoa National Youth Council (SNYC) to provide them with opportunities for internships and event management experiences. You can see a summary of my activities with the SBN here.

Up and Coming

Australian Delegates to OYW Summit 16:

Triona has advised me that she and others will be organising a send off dinner for Australian Delegates. This has tentatively been scheduled for 20-22 September. Triona will be in contact.

NZ Delegates to OYW Summit 16:

I will be organising a dinner around the same scheduled tentative date for those of us based in Auckland/ NZ. I will be in contact.

All Oceania/Pacific Delegates:

I will be sending through a brief regarding the Summit and also establishing points and dates where we can meet together as a network at the Summit.


OYW Ambassadors for Oceania at the 2015 OYW Summit in Thailand. (L- R) Bryant Zebedy (Marshall Islands), Stephanie Jano Edward (Federated States of Micronesia), Duncan Pasicale (Papua New Guinea), Joshua Savieti (Tonga), Nancy Rengiil (Palau), Sameer Chand (Fiji)

As always, if you have any questions or comments please feel free to send them through. Am always looking forward to hear from you all. Malo fa’afetai. Soifua.

Tim Baice
Coordinating Ambassador: Oceania
One Young World
M: + 64 22 0800 859