One Young World Oceania: Updates #2

by oneyoungworldoceania

OYW oceania

Alii, Halo Oloketa, Yokwe, Kaselehlie maingko, Ko na mauri Mauri, Ni Sa Bula Vinaka, Malo ‘e lelei, Ia Orana, Aloha, Kia Ora, Yandanji, Kia Ora, Talofa Lava and Warm Oceanic Greetings.

Hope everyone has enjoyed the Easter break and was able to catch up on much-needed sleep, rest, family time, or found it productive in terms of catching up on work. Here are a couple of updates:

Oceania Human Rights Consultation

Thank you to those who were able to participate in our Google Consultation on Human Rights. As you may know, each region was given a particular theme to discuss and to share input from our particular part of the world. You can check out our final submission here:

What happens now: This information is then considered by the organisers of the plenary discussions, which will help shape the focus and shape of that session at the 2016 One Young World Summit. Many thanks for your wonderful contribution.

Oceania Ambassadors Campaign(s)

I would like us to continue the work we are doing around this thematic focus on Human Rights. You will see in the document that there were a list of margenalised/vulnerable groups that we talked about in the consultation. For those interested, perhaps we could run a couple of campaigns on one or two of the issues identified. These campaigns could involve:

  • raising awareness (social media campaign)
  • writing blog pieces (if you have a blog piece on a human rights issue in Oceania please send this through to me. I will get our blogs published on the One Young World website)
  • writing submissions to governments, regional, international organisations
  • supporting/ promoting local organisations focused on addressing these issues

I understand not all of these issues will be applicable to all our individual home contexts. I encourage you to see which options can or do relate to examples within your home country and then think critically how we as Oceanic Ambassadors can work towards addressing them. You can vote for your option here.

Catch Up Skype Meetings

I would love to meet with you (via skype) to connect, and also to talk about what activities you are up to and what organisations you are involved with. I’ve mapped out some dates and times via this doodle poll. Please let me know when you are available and let’s connect.

Oceania Caucus Meeting

I have received little response from people about their availability for the Caucus Meeting July 4- 8 2016 in Samoa. I sent out a little doodle poll just to see who is interested and free at that time. Am still negotiating the programme but would like to get out a draft by early- mid April.

I’ve also talked to our previous Coordinator Luke about some possible meetings in New Zealand and Australia for ambassadors located in those regions. If you are interested in helping to organise/ take the lead on these subregional meetings please let me know.

As always I am happy for any of you to contact me about absolutely anything. Wishing you all the best for the remainder of the week.

Soifua ma fa’afetai,

Tim Baice

Coordinating Ambassador: Oceania
One Young World
T: + 64 9 373 7599 ext 48469
M: + 64 22 0800 859